Brassica rapa subsp. japonica ‘Mibuna’ | ‘Chinese Cabbage’ | Seeds


An increasingly popular salad leaf vegetable from Asia. 25 seeds.

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Brassica rapa subsp. japonica ‘Mibuna’ | ‘Chinese Cabbage’ | 25 seeds

‘Mibuna’ – also known as ‘Chinese Cabbage’, ‘Dento Yasai’, ‘Mibu’, ‘Mibu Greens’ and ‘Mibuna Cabbage’ – is a vigorous and tasty salad leaf vegetable from Asia. Located within Brassica rapa subsp. japonica, ‘Mibuna’ forms relatively thin, white to light green stems (up to roughly forty centimetres tall) and dense clusters of narrow, rounded green leaves (up to approximately thirty centimetres in length).

Similarly to the very closely-related ‘Mizuna’, the wonderful thing about ‘Mibuna’ is that you can start to harvest baby leaves from as early as 21 days after planting, with full maturity being attained after roughly forty or so days. Even better, the plant will continue to put out new leaves for most of the year, rewarding your care with an incredibly low-cost, low-maintenance and renewable source of tasty salad greens! Use in place of or as an accompaniment to cabbage greens, ‘Mizuna’, spinach and similar green leaves.

Named for Mibu – an area in which it has been long grown – in Japan’s Kyoto prefecture, as a foodstuff ‘Mibuna’ dates to at least the 15th century, when the Ming Dynasty considered it nutritionally useful. Years later, it spread to China with Japanese soldiers returning from war, as well as later becoming the core ingredient of ‘Kim Chi’, the national dish of Korea.

Considering its origins in Asia, ‘Mibuna’ is a cold hardy species which is easy to grow from seed in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-12. Sow the seeds roughly twenty to thirty centimetres apart from each other and a centimetre or two deep in fertile, well-drained soil and place them somewhere in full sun or partial shade. An ambient temperature range of 7-24°C (45-75°F) is optimal. Keep the soil moist but not wet and germination should occur in approximately ten days or so.

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