Convolvulus tricolor | ‘Dwarf Morning Glory’ | Seeds


A lovely flowering species from the Mediterranean. Seeds.

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Convolvulus tricolor | ‘Dwarf Morning Glory’ | Seeds

Convolvulus tricolor – aka ‘Bindweed’, ‘Dwarf Convolvulus’, ‘Dwarf Morning Glory’, ‘Small Convolvulus’ and ‘Tricolour convolvulus’ – is a lovely little flowering species of the Convolvulaceae family. Synonymous with Convolvulus minor, there are currently four recognised subspecies which make up the species: Convolvulus tricolor subsp. hortensis, Convolvulus tricolor subsp. meonanthus, Convolvulus tricolor subsp. pentapetaloides and (the type) Convolvulus tricolor subsp. tricolor.

An annual or perennial, erect or sprawling bushy shrub, tricolor grows to an ultimate height of around fifty centimetres by the same across, forming simple oval, dark green leaves and solitary – or (less often) clustered – single-stalked, funnel-shaped, blue-white-yellow flowers of upto roughly three centimetres in size. These beautiful (not to forget self-fertile and hermaphroditic) flowers bloom between July to September, when they are pollinated by bees, hoverflies and other insects. The seeds produced by this plant are poisonous if ingested.

Growing well in USDA Hardiness Zones 8, 9 and 10, Convolvulus tricolor is native to the Mediterranean, where it is common to cultivated land, dry open habitats, roadside verges and sandy places where the soil is a minimum temperature of  17°C. Often grown as part of ornamental flower gardens (popular cultivars include ‘Blue Ensign’ and ‘Red Ensign’), tricolor prefers well-drained (dry or slightly moist) sandy, loamy or chalky soils with a mildly acidic to mildly alkaline pH level. Drought-tolerant, it can thrive in otherwise nutritionally-poor soil, but cannot tolerate heavy shade for long!

Grow individual plants at least fifty centimetres apart in a sheltered position in full sun and provide average amounts of water for this species to reach maturity in one or two years. Get to it!

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