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Delosperma bosseranum is a cute dwarf perennial from South Africa. 25 seeds.

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Delosperma bosseranum (syn. Mesembryanthemum cooperi) | ‘Hardy Iceplant’, ‘Pink Carpet’, ‘Trailing Iceplant’ | 25 seeds

Delosperma bosseranum (syn. Mesembryanthemum cooperi) is a cute South African dwarf perennial, commonly known by names including ‘Hardy Iceplant’, ‘Pink Carpet’ and ‘Trailing Iceplant’.

Bosseranum can grow up to roughly fifteen centimetres tall, forming attractive plants with fleshy leaves attached to a trailing stem. Measuring approximately three to five centimetres across individually, it’s gorgeous long-lived flowers (ranging from magenta to pink to vermilion) spread abundantly from the plant.

The species is a low-maintenance one and is easily propagated via either seed or cutting. It thrives in Mediterranean-type climates which are hot and dry but is also hardy down to a temperature of -29°C (although colder temperatures cause bosseranum‘s leaves to turn a more reddish colour). It prefers a sunny situation in well-drained soils.

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