Ipomoea tricolor ‘Flying Saucers’ | ‘Morning Glory’ | Seeds

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‘Flying Saucers’ is a very popular variety of ‘Morning Glory’. Seeds.

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Ipomoea tricolor ‘Flying Saucers’ | ‘Morning Glory’ | Seeds

The famous ‘Flying Saucers’ is a popular, highly colourful variety of Ipomoea tricolor (‘Morning Glory’) – a flowering annual of the Convolvulaceae family.

Requiring warm sun and rich, well-drained, soil, the plant’s funnel-shaped blue flowers and heart-shaped leaves brighten up any garden, particularly when trained as a climbing plant.

To improve germination rates, soak the seed for roughly twelve hours in warm water and then sow in individual pots in early spring. Germination usually occurs between one to three if at 22°c. Ipomoea tricolor plants must be potted up immediately subsequent to germination, as they do not tolerate disturbance.

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