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‘Lollo Rossa’ is an Italian lettuce variety packed with vitamins A and C, folate, iron and antioxidants.

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Lactuca sativa ‘Lollo Rossa’, ‘Lollo Rosso’ | ‘Lettuce’ | 100 seeds

The lettuce ‘Lollo Rossa’ is a popular Italian variety of Lactuca sativa which forms a distinct and compact rosette of red-purple fan-shaped leaves with a non-hearting pale green base. Crisp and succulent with a bold, nutty and slightly bitter flavour.

Available year-round, this loose-leaf lettuce is easily grown from seed and is packed full of vitamins A and C, folate, iron and antioxidants. A 1999 study at the University of Glasgow discovered that Lollo Rosso has 100 times more antioxidants than the common lettuce, so you know it’s a great addition to any burger, salad, sandwich, side-dish or soup!

To reach its full potential when grown from seed, this species requires fertile soil, warm days and cool nights – it can be harvested as soon as its leaves are a minimum of three inches long.

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