Lapidaria margaretae ‘PR’ | ‘Karoo Rose’ | Seeds


A great example of this fantastic ‘living stone’ species! 25 seeds.

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Lapidaria margaretae ‘PR’ | ‘Karoo Rose’ | 25 seeds

Lapidaria margaretae ‘PR’ is an excellent variety of ‘Karoo Rose’, a curious-looking dwarf succulent plant of the Aizoaceae. Syn. Argyroderma margaretae, Argyroderma roeatum, Dinteranthus margaretae, Mesebrianthemum margaretae, the species is also known as the ‘Kangaroo Rose’ and is closely related to the Dinteranthus, Lithops and Schwantesia genera.

Margaretae grows two, three or four pairs of smoothly-textured leaves, up to roughly two centimetres long by one centimetre wide. Coloured blue-green-grey-bronze, these leaves shrivel up cyclically to be replaced, at which point we’d advise you to hold off on watering until they’ve completely dried and new leaves are starting to form. Delicate yellow flowers (one to three of them, each up to five centimetres in diameter) bloom over the autumn and the start of winter. Over time, individual plants (up to around fifteen centimetres tall once mature) may form up to three heads.

Native to very dry regions of southern Namibia and South Africa’s Northern Cape, margaretae occurs naturally grows at an altitude of between 660 to 1,100 metres above sea level. It’s an increasingly popular ornamental species and makes for a distinctive addition to any indoor or outdoor garden! Plant in full sun to partial shade in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11 (or indoors), spacing a minimum of thirty centimetres apart to allow room for the plants to reach maturity. The minimum temperature this species will tolerate for any length of time is −4°C.

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