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A great chance to grow a selection of cool Lithops species! 25 seeds.

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Lithops Lucky Dip (Mixed Species) | 25 seeds

Here’s your chance to cultivate a curious selection of mystery species from the ‘Living Rocks’ family, with our fabulous Lithops Lucky Dip! We’ve not got much of this seed, so it’s available only while stocks last…

As with other types of ‘Living Rock’, the plants comprising the Lithops genus (also often called ‘Flowering Stones’ or ‘Living Stones’) really do look rather similar to small rocks and pebbles, mimicking them in many aspects – colour (blue-bronze-green), size (fifteen centimetres tall maximum) and shape. This camouflage is a handy way for the plants to avoid being eaten by animals grazing their harshly arid natural habitats in southern Africa (in USDA Hardiness Zones 10-11).

Consequent to the inhospitable environments from which they originate, Lithops are small and low to the ground (to better handle the extremely hot sun) and are essentially two fleshy leaves (which can store sufficient water to survive through months of drought) and some roots. One species is even reported to survive entirely on fog and mist as the source of its water!

Formerly part of the Mesembryanthemum family, these beautiful plants are now considered members of the Aizoaceae (‘Ice Plants’). Much loved and much coveted by ‘Mesemb’ and succulent collectors – with a few even earning the UK’s Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit (Lithops karasmontana, Lithops olivacea, Lithops pseudotruncatella, Lithops salicola and Lithops schwantesii) – these are incredibly low-maintenance houseplants!

Exceedingly drought-tolerant and capable of growing in anything from neutral to very alkaline soil, the plants of the Lithops genus are pretty hardy! Plant in very well-drained soil, space plants a minimum of fifteen centimetres apart and place in full sun to light shade (apparently, four to five hours of direct sunlight in the morning and then partial shade in the afternoon is best), watering seldom. Don’t let them get colder than 5°C! If you’re lucky, delicate flowers will appear briefly between mid-autumn and early winter.

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1 review for Lithops Lucky Dip (Mixed Species) | Seeds

  1. Anonymous

    Fair play to whoever was counting them,they are so tiny.we will see germination rate soon

    • Arkham’s

      😀 Thanks for noticing! Luckily, we have a magnifying lens for seeds such as these. All the best!

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