Papaver somniferum ‘Burma Giants’ | Seeds


‘Burma Giants’ is another great variety of the ‘Opium Poppy’! ~100 seeds.

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Papaver somniferum ‘Burma Giants’ | ‘Opium Poppy’ | ~100 seeds

Papaver somniferum is a gorgeous flowering annual plant, commonly known as the ‘Opium Poppy’. The variety listed here, ‘Burma Giants’, is a fantastic example of this species, quickly producing strong, tall stems, amazing red-purple blooms and large and abundant ribbed seed pods!

Easily grown from seed, ‘Burma Giants’ is a fast-growing variety of ‘Opium Poppy’ which grows between one and a half and three metres high! There aren’t many species easier to grow than poppies, and this one grows with full and sheltered sun and in clay, chalk, loam or sand – whether acid, alkaline or neutral – provided it’s well-drained and situated in USDA Hardiness Zones 7-11.

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