Papaver somniferum Lucky Dip (Mixed Varieties) | Seeds


Bag yourself a mystery selection of quality ‘Opium Poppy’ varieties! 50 seeds.

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Papaver somniferum varieties Lucky Dip Mix | ‘Opium Poppy’ | ~50 seeds

Commonly known as the ‘Opium Poppy’, Papaver somniferum is an incredibly beautiful annual poppy species which has been bred over many years into a multitude of distinct varieties. These varieties are popular variously for their seed output (used in a wide variety of food) and as ornamentals, producing amazing pink-blue-red-purple flowers year after year.

The ‘Lucky Dip Mix’ we’re offering here originates from a keen specialist grower’s garden and comprises of a mix of several different desirable cultivars. Moreover, these were all open-pollinated by an enviable selection of somniferum varieties, ensuring an absolutely fantastic mix of genetics and colours for your collection!

Occurring naturally in USDA Hardiness Zones 7-11, Somniferum is likely one of the easiest plants to grow from seed, flourishing in chalk, clay, loam or sand in full or sheltered sun. As long as it’s well-drained, this species is hardy enough to handle most soils – acid, alkaline or neutral – and usually returns each year.

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