Petroselinum crispum | ‘Plain-leaf Parsley’ | Seeds


A tasty variety of Petroselinum crispum (‘Parsley’) – full of vitamins & good for sufferers of rheumatism too! 100 seeds.

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Petroselinum crispum ‘Plain-leaf Parsley’ | ‘French Parsley’, ‘Parsley’ | 100 seeds

The Petroselinum crispum variety ‘Plain-leaf Parsley’ is one of the tastiest and therefore most used herbs in the culinary arsenal. Aside from this, the plant is full of vitamins and is good for sufferers of rheumatism too. A great addition to any kitchen herb garden, its seeds are easily germinated and even easier to grow!

In order to help break down natural germination inhibitors, soak the seed for thirty minutes or so in warm water prior to sowing. Once soaked, sow thinly indoors all year around (or else outside between April to July), cover with roughly a centimetre of fine soil and then keep moist. Germination occurs after approximately two to four weeks at a minimum temperature of 12°C (15°C-20°C is ideal if possible). Parsley can grow up to 50cm or so tall and the leaves will be ready to harvest as soon as they are of a sensible size – generally roughly three months from sowing.

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