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Passiflora incarnata is a fast-growing perennial vine with gorgeous flowers from the USA. Seeds.

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Passiflora incarnata | ‘Maypop’, ‘Purple Passionflower’, ‘Ocoee’, ‘True Passionflower’, ‘Wild Apricot’, ‘Wild Passion Vine’ | Seeds

Passiflora incarnata, known variously as the ‘Maypop’, ‘Ocoee’, ‘Purple Passionflower’, ‘True Passionflower’, ‘Wild Apricot’ and ‘Wild Passion Vine’, is a beautiful and fast-growing perennial vine with climbing or trailing stems.

Often to be found growing wild in the southern United States, this common wildflower is one of the hardiest and most aggressive of the Passiflora genus. Easily cultivated in USDA Hardiness Zones 7-11, incarnata enjoys full sun and requires direct sunlight for a minimum of twelve hours per day. It can be planted all year round and grows best in well-drained soil, with plants being spaced roughly a metre apart for optimal growth. Watch out for caterpillars and nematodes when cultivating any Passiflora!

After one to two years the plants begin to flower, with individual (self-sterile) flowers having a lifetime of only one day. However, they make up for this brief existence by being incredibly, intricately, beautiful, exhibiting a gorgeous colour palette!

Passiflora has a high drought tolerance and can become an ‘agricultural weed’ if allowed to spread unhindered. It is therefore advisable to regularly prune the plant, as well as to train the vines onto fences or trellis’ to limit its growth.

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