Phalaris aquatica ‘Sirosa’ | ‘Harding Grass’ | Seeds

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Phalaris aquatica ‘Sirosa’ is a renowned Australian cultivar. Seeds.

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Phalaris aquatica (syn. Phalaris tuberosa) ‘Sirosa’ | ‘Bulbous Canary Grass’, ‘Harding Grass’ | Seeds

Yet another European exclusive, ‘Sirosa’ is one of several renowned cultivars of the European species Phalaris aquatica, this time developed in Australia. We’re not sure whether we’ll be able to obtain any more of these once the current stock runs out, so order now if you want to avoid being sad!

A perennial bunch grass with similar growth habits and requirements to Phalaris brachystachys, Phalaris aquatica originally hails from the Caucasus and Southern Europe, although it  is now also naturalised to countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

Sowing aquatica from seed (a very easy process) results in large bunches of stout, waist-high, plants with grey to blue to green leaves and dense, spiky, flowering heads that grow up to roughly thirteen centimetres or so. Aquatica enjoys incredible growth throughout the spring and autumn, and is consequently considered to be an invasive species across chaparral, grassland, oak woodland and riparian habitats. When purposefully cultivating the species, it is advisable to protect the bunches of grass from any heavy or sustained freezes.

Several other desirable cultivars of aquatica exist, notably ‘AQ1’, ‘Australis’ and ‘Uneta’ (we also stock those first two). A few interesting hybrids have also been created that combine the species with its cousin Phalaris arundinacea. Essential to any serious ethnobotanical collection!

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2 reviews for Phalaris aquatica ‘Sirosa’ | ‘Harding Grass’ | Seeds

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful seeds in perfect condition. Looking forward to see them grow!

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Thanks for the feedback and happy growing!

  2. Anonymous

    Arrived and have already sowed them, waiting for them to come up. – Shipped from Spain

    • Arkham’s

      😉 We have our fingers crossed for you! We’ve noticed this variety tends to start off a little more slowly than some of the others we’ve grown (for example, the ‘Australis’, which we also sell), but it’s definitely worth the wait to establish your own Phalaris!

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