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A rare tree native to Asia and Australasia. Seeds.

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Phyllodium pulchellum | ‘Angel’s Locks’, ‘Jatsalpan’, ‘Kalaikai’, ‘Payang-payang’ | Seeds

Quite a rarity on the Western seed market, Phyllodium Pulchellum seed took us a while to find, but we’re now happy to be offering this captivating tree species! Definitely another of our UK exclusives.

Phyllodium pulchellum (syn. Desmodium pulchellum, Dicerma pulchellum, Hedysarum pulchellum, Meibomia pulchella, Zornia pulchella) is a downy perennial shrub of the Fabaceae, widespread to parts of Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Ceylon, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Generally growing at altitudes of between two hundred and two thousand metres, pulchellum prefers to grow in forests and thickets, on grassy fields and wasteland, hills and mountains, roadsides and (sometimes) watercourses in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11. It’s a delicately attractive, insect-pollinated species, covered in fine grey-white hairs and growing erectly to roughly two and a half metres tall. The plant’s branching stems tend toward woody, sprouting with green oval-ish leaves which are up to approximately thirteen centimetres in length. Tiny (five or six millimetres long) white flowers are joined by hairy, oblong-shaped fruits, pod-shaped and often multi-jointed.

As with some of the (formerly) related Desmodium species, pulchellum has long been used in various Asian traditional medicine – notably in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Parts and/or decoctions of the plant have treated (and are still being used to treat) ailments including abdominal pain and sickness, abscesses, blood clots, bone pains, colds and fevers, contusions and sprains, convulsions, delirium, diarrhoea, eye disease, haemorrhage, headache, liver and spleen problems, jaundice, malaria, menstrual and post-partum problems, poisoning, puerperium, rheumatic fever and rheumatism, snakebite, toothache, ulcers, urinary dysfunction and weight gain. Moreover, modern scientific studies suggest the plant possesses anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and anti-diarrheal properties. The plant also has nitrogen-fixing abilities and is further used in traditional Indian brewing, as an insect repellent and to cleanse property of bedbugs.

Phyllodium‘s popularity has resulted in the creation of an incredible number of informal names for the species. Here’s all of those we’ve come across so far: ‘Ang-prom’, ‘Angel’s Locks’, ‘Apa-apa sapi’, ‘Birkapi’, ‘Calaicai’, ‘Calayacay’, ‘Caliacay’, ‘Chapor’, ‘Dheknanadak’, ‘Gaan-gaan’, ‘Huan ye xiao huai hua’, ‘Jatsalpan’, ‘Jatasalpar’, ‘Jatasalpara’, ‘Jeetedari’, ‘Jenukaddi’, ‘Jian ye a po qian’, ‘Jotasalopornni’, ‘Jutasalpani’, ‘Kadukuralite’, ‘Kadumuduru’, ‘Kadunhuralite’, ‘Kalaikai’, ‘Karrantinta’, ‘Kattumutira’, ‘Ked linz no:yz’, ‘Ketipes’, ‘Klet plaa chon’, ‘Kodakotirichunddo’, ‘Kondotinta’, ‘Krishnopornii’, ‘Lin wan zii shu’, ‘Lodhrah’, ‘Lodram’, ‘Long lin cao’, ‘Manguit’, ‘Pai chien cao’, ‘P’ai chien ts’ao’, ‘Pai qian cao’, ‘Pai qian shu’, ‘Payang-payang’, ‘Phyllodion gracieux’, ‘Prae kraoy’, ‘Salperni’, ‘Sarivi’, ‘Serengan kechil’, ‘Showy Desmodium’, ‘String of Coins’, ‘Takamala’, ‘Thap’, ‘‘Tigure’, ‘‘Toungtamin’, ‘Uchiwa-tsunagi’, ‘Ursi’, ‘Wu shi ye’, ‘Ya po qian’, ‘Yaa klet lin’ and ‘Yaa song plong’.

The plant is fairly easy to grow from seed, although tends towards dormancy the longer it’s stored. As with the Acacia, Mimosa and many other related genera, dormant seed can usually be revived by means of a hot (or cold) water soak. Plant in a well-drained potting mix; for example, seventy-five percent coarse sand to twenty-five percent coco coir. See our Cultivation section for more guidance.

You certainly don’t come across this species every day, so why not have a go at growing something new?

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3 reviews for Phyllodium pulchellum | ‘Angel’s Locks’ | Seeds

  1. Emma Thompson

    Shipping was fantastically quick, and everything arrive in one piece, so no complaints there! However it’s been day 45 since sewing, and nothing yet, even after following the sew instructions to a T. Holding out still, though

    • Arkham’s

      Hi Emma, we’re glad the shipping was so fast, but, sadly, the batch you received turns out to have been misidentified…we’re incredibly sorry! Please contact us and we’ll happily make good. 🙂 All the best!

  2. Nick Sun

    You sent me the wrong seeds and then never returned my emails when i brought this up with you.

    • Arkham’s

      Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback and apologies once again for the delayed response! As per our email discussion, unfortunately the latest batch of this turned out to be misidentified by the supplier, hence we’ve removed it from sale until we can obtain more of the correct seed from a more reliable source. 🙂 All the best and thanks again for raising the issue in the first place!

  3. Anonymous

    Great looking seeds!

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

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