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Poison Plants Seed Bundle A | ~325 seeds

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Another Arkham's Botanical EU Exclusive!

Get three of the most notorious poison plants with 15% discount!
Atropa belladonna | 'Deadly Nightshade'
Datura metel 'Fastuosa' | 'Devil's Trumpet'
Hyoscyamus niger | 'Black Henbane'
We often rotate seed bundle offers...better order this one soon!

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Poison Plants Seed Bundle A | 15% discount | ~325 seeds

Fancy growing some poison plants from the Solanaceae family? Here’s your chance to do so, with this fantastic bundle comprising three of the most notorious (and deceptively beautiful) species – priced at a pleasant fifteen percent discount from the normal price when purchased separately!

Buy now and get these poison plants for your garden, plus a great 15% discount:
Atropa belladonna (‘Deadly Nightshade’) – 50 seeds
Datura metel ‘Fastuosa’ (‘Devil’s Trumpet’) – 25 seeds
Hyoscyamus niger (‘Henbane’) – ~250 seeds

All the seed sold by Arkham’s Botanical was freshly and ethically sourced in 2018-2019


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~325 seeds

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Black Henbane, Deadly Nightshade, Devil's Trumpet




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