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Rivea corymbosa is a flowering perennial climbing vine from Latin America. 25 seeds.

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Rivea corymbosa (syn. Turbina corymbosa) | ‘Bejuco’, ‘Christmas Pops’, ‘Christmas Vine’, ‘Coaxihuitl’, ‘Hiedra’, ‘Ololiuhqui’, ‘Quiebraplatos’, ‘Snakeplant’, ‘Xtabentún’ | 25 seeds

Rivea corymbosa (syn. Turbina corymbosa), is a flowering perennial climbing vine native to much of Latin America. Part of the Convolvulaceae family, it belongs to the ‘Morning Glory’ group of plants and is colloquially known by names including ‘Bejuco’, ‘Christmas Pops’, ‘Christmas Vine’, ‘Coaxihuitl’, ‘Hiedra’, ‘Ololiuhqui’, ‘Quiebraplatos’, ‘Snakeplant’ and ‘Xtabentún’.

Often planted as an attractive ornamental plant, corymbosa, grows in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11, reaching a height of approximately twenty five feet. Preferring full sun to partial shade, its gorgeous summer-blooming flowers are especially attractive to bees, birds and butterflies, secreting copious amounts of nectar with which bees produce incredibly aromatic, clear, honey.

The species is quite easy to grow from its small oval seeds, which are used in traditional Mexican medicine as pain relief and to treat flatulence, tumours and venereal disease. Historically, they were also used by the Aztecs in their ritual practices.

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