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‘Salad Leaves Mesclun’ – Healthy, tasty and easy to grow! 100-seed pack.

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Salad Leaves Mesclun (Mixed) | 100 seeds

Originating from Provence in France, Mesclun (“mixture”) is a salad mix of assorted small, young salad green leaves which traditionally includes arugula, chervil, endive and leafy lettuces.

Depending on the season and location, Mesclun can also refer to a mix of a wide variety of fresh baby salad greens including arugula (rocket or roquette), baby spinach, bok choy (joi choi), chervil, dandelion, endive, frisée, garden cress, green and red oak leaves, mâche (lamb’s lettuce), lettuces (especially romaine and lolla rossa), mizuna, mustard greens, orach, radicchio, sorrel, spinach, Swiss chard (silver beet), tatsoi and other leafy vegetables.

Healthy, tasty and easy to grow from seed!

All the seed sold by Arkham’s Botanical was freshly and ethically sourced


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