Salad Leaves ‘Oriental Mix’ | Seeds


A crisply tasty mix of Oriental Brassica species! ~100 seeds.

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Salad Leaves ‘Oriental Mix’ | Seeds

Here’s our Salad Leaves ‘Oriental Mix’; a crisply tasty selection of Oriental Brassica species, including ‘Green Mustard Pizzo’ (Brassica juncea var. ?), ‘Mibuna’ (Brassica rapa), ‘Mizuna’ (Brassica juncea subsp. integrifolia var. japonica), ‘Mustard Red Zest’, ‘Pak Choi Canton White’ (Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis) and ‘Tatsoi’ (Brassica rapa subsp. narinosa). Easy to grow from seed for almost all of the year in most localities, this salad leaf mix is cold-tolerant and flavourful.

Sow directly into containers or the ground, covering the seeds with a fine layer of soil. Maintain a minimum temperature of 10˚C and germination should start to occur in seven days or so. Harvest once at least ten centimetres high for use in salads, stir-fries and more!

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