Salvia officinalis ‘Extrakta’ | ‘Common Sage’ | Seeds


A great strain, developed to increase the plant’s production of essential oils! 20 seeds.

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Salvia officinalis ‘Extrakta’ | ‘Common Sage’, ‘Culinary Sage’, ‘Garden Sage’, ‘Sage’ | Seeds | 20 seeds

We’re pleased to be able to offer these great quality Salvia officinalis ‘Extrakta’ seeds! ‘Extrakta’ is an officinalis variety known for its high concentrations of essential oils.

Salvia officinalis (syn. Salvia chromatica, Salvia clusii, Salvia cretica, Salvia crispa, Salvia digyna) is an evergreen subshrub of the Lamiaceae family and is the type species of its genus. This species is highly popular in many countries and hence is known by many informal names, including ‘Adacayi’, ‘Broadleaf Sage’, ‘Ching-Chieh’, ‘Common Sage’, ‘Culinary Sage’, ‘Cultivate Wise’, ‘Dalmatian Sage’, ‘Echter Salbei’, ‘Garden Sage’, ‘Golden Sage’, ‘Kitchen Sage’, ‘Mariyamiya’, ‘Normal Sage’, ‘Purple Sage’, ‘Red Sage’, ‘Sa Er Wei Ya’, ‘Sage’, ‘Salbei’, ‘Salie’, ‘Salva’, ‘Salvia’, ‘Sauge’, ‘Sauge Commune’, ‘Sauge Officinale’, ‘Shalfey’, ‘Small Leaf Sage’ and ‘True Sage’. It should be noted that the name ‘Sage’ is also often applied to a number of other plant species, both within the Salvia genus and without.

Officinalis forms from woody, upright stems and grows up to approximately seventy centimetres in diameter. Shiny, mildly-hirsute leaves are noticeably aromatic, ovate in shape and grey to dull green in colour. They’re slightly wrinkled in texture and grow to roughly seven centimetres in length by three centimetres across. Delicate, hooded flowers bloom between late spring and early autumn (dependent on growing climate), in a range of colours including blue, cream, lavender (most commonly), pink, purple, rose, white and yellow. Pollinated mainly by bees, Salvia officinalis is a hermaphrodite species.

Thought to be Mediterranean in origin, officinalis is now widespread, occurring as far afield as Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and the West Indies! Habitat-wise, ‘Sage’ enjoys (but is not limited to) growing on dry, rocky areas in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-10. Extremely popular as both an ornamental and ethnobotanical species, enthusiasts have used the ‘Common Sage’ to produce eye-catching cultivars such as ‘Alba’, ‘Aurea’, ‘Berggarten’, ‘Icterina’, ‘Purpurascens’ and ‘Tricolor’. These cultivars include those with interestingly variegated and coloured leaves and unusually-coloured flowers, causing two, ‘Icterina’ and ‘Purpurascens’, to win the (British) Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

Besides its ornamental popularity (it’s the most commonly cultivated Salvia species – the second most common is Salvia lavandulifolia), Salvia officinalis has a long relationship with mankind as both a culinary and medicinal herb. For example, this flavoursome plant is commonly used in cheese, sauces, sausages, soups, spreads, stuffing and various drinks. Medicinally, ‘Sage’ has been used to treat anxiety, colds, fevers and sore throats, cramps, depression, digestive disorders, epilepsy, excessive lactation, perspiration and salivation, female sterility, headaches, infections, insect bites and stings, lethargy, menopausal problems, night sweats, oral inflammation, palsy, plague, rheumatism, snake bites, ulcers and vaginal discharge.

Officinalis is used cosmetically (in perfume, shampoos, toothpaste, etc.) and as a source of essential oils. The British consider it one of the ‘essential herbs’ (alongside parsley, rosemary and thyme) and several cultures ascribe it the ability to ward off evil.

Quite easy to grow from seed or cutting, this drought-tolerant species takes roughly two or three weeks to germinate after sowing and requires a well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil – sandy to loamy is best. Situate in full sun (approximately one metre apart), watering as the soil dries out completely.

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