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Amber glass bottles are ideal for storing seed for longer periods!

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Amber Glass Bottle | Screwtop | Ideal for storing seeds | Various sizes

We use these high-quality screwtop amber glass bottles for longer-term seed storage – a function to which they’re ideally-suited! The exact lifespan of the seed is – unsurprisingly – highly-dependent on the species you’re storing, but many can remain viable for fifty or more years when stored this way (for example, most Acacia species). The basic premise is that they’re airtight and light-inhibiting, which massively helps reduce ambient environmental damage to the seeds.

Simply choose an amber glass bottle with a volume nearest to that of your total seed, fill it up with them and then top it up with a sachet of silica gel (or a similar desiccant agent). Finally, tightly close the lid (optionally sealing tightly with Clingfilm) and place it somewhere cool and dry with stable humidity and temperature. Voila, you’ve just assured increased longevity for your seed collection!


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10ml (60mm x 21mm), 15ml (56mm x 30mm), 25ml (78mm x 30mm)


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