Flat-tipped Metal Tweezers


Handy for a whole host of tasks – especially if you grow cacti!

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Flat-tipped Metal Tweezers

These high-quality, metal flat-tipped tweezers are perfect for pulling out those pesky cactus spines from your tender epidermis! Enabling pinpoint accuracy, they also come in handy for a wide range of other horticultural tasks (for example, picking up smaller seeds or removing pests), as well as in the pursuit of other hobbies too (such as arts and crafts, home electronics and jewellery-making).

Approximately twelve centimetres long by one-centimetre-wide, these handy metal tweezers have a no-nonsense, polished finish and fit comfortably into the average adult hand. An essential tool in every cultivator’s arsenal! If you’re growing cacti, we’d seriously recommend investing in a decent pair of thorn-proof cactus gloves too…

High-quality metal tweezers – Ships from Spain


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1 pair metal tweezers








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