Gibberellic Acid Powder 90% | ‘GA3’ | Plant hormone

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GA3 is a plant hormone which can help stimulate germination. Powder.

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Gibberellic Acid Powder 90% | ‘GA3’ | Plant hormone

Let’s get scientific, with this quality 90% pure Gibberellic acid plant hormone – definitely not the cheapest possible Chinese-made import you’ll find on eBay and the like! We’re not claiming to be experts, but we carefully selected this for purity after several personal recommendations from some seriously knowledgeable people…

Gibberellic acid (also known as GA, GA3 and Gibberellin A3) is an extremely potent, naturally-occurring hormone found in fungi and plants. Essentially, it can help plants to germinate and grow, if introduced at the right stage of cultivation and in the right quantities. Produced in great quantities by plants and fungi, GA3 can also be industrially produced using microorganisms. In the right amount, it can stimulate flower, fruit, root and stem growth, improve germination rates, induce seedless fruit, offer some protection against frost damage and be used instead of (or together with) thermal stratification. It’s widely used for these properties by commercial laboratories and nurseries.

Once purified, GA3 is a white to pale-yellow solid, which can be powdered for easy, even application (its soluble in 70% isopropyl alcohol). We’ll be posting more info here and elsewhere on the site as time allows. Look out for Norman Deno’s amazing publications online in the meantime!

Why not start your Gibberellic acid experiments today?!


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3 reviews for Gibberellic Acid Powder 90% | ‘GA3’ | Plant hormone

  1. John

    These plant hormones are not so easy to obtain and I wanted this particular one in order to facilitate germination of some scarce seeds that came also from Arkham’s, a rare fund of ethnobotanical resources!

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Thanks John – good luck with your germination experiments!

  2. Anonymous

    Nice product

    • Arkham’s

      Good luck with your cultivation experiments!

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent quality.

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

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