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Plant Growth Auxin Hormone Bundle | Powder | 10% discount

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Plant Growth Auxin Hormone Bundle | Powder | 10% discount

If you’re one of those brave horticultural explorers intent on experimenting with all of the possible parameters for your specific growing projects, then this is the offer for you!

Comprising of three of the most popularly utilised plant auxins, including ‘GA3’ (Gibberellic Acid), ‘IAA’ (Indole-3-acetic Acid) and ‘IBA’ (Indole-3-butyric Acid) – in powdered form – this bundle is available in limited quantities, at a specially discounted price of ten percent off of our usual price for these items when purchased separately.

Whether you’re looking to influence rooting, improve germination – or simply keen to replicate your favourite commercial products at a cheaper cost (for example, the popular Clonex brand is basically ‘IBA’ in solution with some extra nutrients) – this bundle covers all the basics.

As with any powdered chemical product, please keep these plant hormones out of the reach of children and animals. We’d also recommend not to allow them to come into contact with your skin, mouth, eyes, etc. – just in case!

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