Resealable Plastic Bags (100mm x 70mm)


Durable and resealable plastic bags, perfect for storing seed on a short-term basis!

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Resealable Plastic Bags (100mm x 70mm) | Great for storing seeds on a short-term basis

These are the same kind of durable, reusable and resealable plastic bags which we use when we send out small seed orders to our customers. They’re especially useful for the short term storage of seeds, computer screws, jewellery and other small items that need to be kept together in an easy to access (and label) way. You might find them handy too!

Available in several pack sizes:

  • 10 x Reusable Plastic Bags (100mm x 70mm)
  • 25 x Reusable Plastic Bags (100mm x 70mm)
  • 50 x Reusable Plastic Bags (100mm x 70mm)

If this bag’s a little large for your intended purpose, we also sell a similar but smaller product, which measures 85mm x 60mm.


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