Silica (Medium coarse) | ‘Sand’


In sensible proportions, this horticultural-grade sand can help to improve drainage, aeration, hydration and more!

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Silica (Medium coarse) | ‘Sand’ | 100g

Help to improve the drainage, aeration, hydration and general texture of your preferred growing mix with this medium coarse sand – ideal for all sorts of gardening and other purposes! We use this particular supply of horticultural-grade sand ourselves when planting our Lophophora and Trichocereus cacti (in roughly equal amounts with potting soil and perlite), as well as (in varying proportions) when cultivating herbs, lettuces, root vegetables and some fruits (e.g. peaches and watermelons) too, albeit mostly in containers. We also mix a little in to our usual Salvia divinorum potting soil (along with perlite and a bit of coir), as it seems sensible to keep things varied!

In case you live underwater or something, sand is a granular material made up of very fine (“finer than gravel and coarser than silt”) particles of rocks and minerals. While the composition of sand varies dependent on various factors, its most common constituent is silica (silicon dioxide), usually evident as quartz. The second most common type is calcium carbonate. A non-renewable resource (at least, considered from a human perspective), sand is generally marketed in Europe as either fine, medium or coarse. Despite most commercially available sand being non-toxic, we don’t recommend breathing in such fine particles of anything if at all possible – that’s why respiratory masks and good ventilation were invented, people!

Although we consider sand of various grades to be an essential component of our potting soil toolbox, it’s important to note that there are some types of sand that are unsuitable for botanical use. For example, the dried, sanitised clay sand commonly available for children’s play areas and general landscaping use can provide poor aeration – and a subsequent lack of places for micro-nutrients to thrive – while the sand which is available from most beaches often mainly or entirely comprises of rocky silicon dioxide or quartz, allowing for reduced aeration and hydration – as well as being highly saline in nature (at least without much time-consuming and resource-intensive treatment).

Interesting factoid: There are apparently people who collect sand as a “hobby”, known as arenophiles!

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