Vermiculite (Medium Grade)


Vermiculite is a versatile tool for both gardeners and mycologists alike! 100g.

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Vermiculite (Medium Grade) | 100g

Vermiculite is a white-yellow-brown, crystalline mineral clay with a bewildering array of uses (mostly in horticulture, insulation and fireproofing). Popular for an incredibly wide range of commercial and other purposes – so much so that there’s even an international trade body dedicated to the cause, The Vermiculite Association – this material is especially useful for the keen gardener or mycologist!

Examples of vermiculite’s horticultural versatility include its use as an inorganic germination and rooting medium/ingredient, “no soil” hydroponic growing medium and fungal substrate. It’s also great for aerating and hydrating any potting soil blend and can also prove useful for the slow-release application of agricultural chemicals. Currently, vermiculite’s largest producers are Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa and the USA.

A word of advice: if you’re mixing up a cactus or succulent mix, we’d always recommend choosing perlite over vermiculite, due to the latter’s propensity to retain more moisture for longer – which in the cactus world is usually a bad thing!

Great on its own or for improving the moisture-retention of any growing mix | Ships from Spain


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100g vermiculite


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