Moler Clay Volcanic Rock | ‘Mo-Clay’ | Potting Substrate


A large-grained variety of diatomaceous earth, perfect for cacti!

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Moler Clay Volcanic Rock | ‘Mo-clay’ | Potting Substrate

A fantastic additive to any cactus growing substrate (we usually mix it liberally with sharp sand and commercial soil blends for our Lophophora and Trichocereus), this Moler clay (or ‘Mo-Clay) comes from northwestern Denmark and is a useful variety of the volcanic rock diatomaceous earth.

Unlike the finer forms of this calcined clay, Arkham’s Botanical’s Moler Clay is eminently suitable for growing larger and more mature plants, allowing for increased absorption and drainage and also helping to inhibit bacterial growth.

Each geological deposit of diatomaceous earth (originally formed from the fossilised remains of diatoms) is made up of varying amounts of pure silicate diatomaceous earth, combined with other natural minerals and clays. The amount of silica in each deposit depends on its age. Don’t be alarmed by the clay’s pinkish colour – it’s not dye or other nasty chemicals, merely an artifact of the thermal calcination production process!

Great for making cacti and other growing mixes!


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