Acacia acuminata ‘Narrow Phyllodes’ | ‘Inland Jam Wattle’ | Seeds

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Acacia acuminata ‘Narrow Phyllodes’ is a small tree native to Western Australia. 25 seeds.

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Acacia acuminata ‘Narrow Phyllodes’ | ‘Inland Jam Wattle’, ‘Raspberry Jam Wattle’, ‘Manjart’, ‘Munertor’, ‘Mungaitch’, ‘Mungat’ | 25 seeds

Acacia acuminata is a large shrub/small tree endemic to Western Australia, which averages around five metres high at maturity. In perfect conditions, it can reach a height of up to ten metres. This listing is for the ‘Narrow Phyllodes’ type (the ‘Inland Jam Wattle’).

There are currently three distinct recognised types of Acacia acuminata; the ‘Small Seed’, ‘Narrow Phyllode’ and ‘Broad Phyllode’ – or ‘typical’ – variants. Its former subspecies, Acacia acuminata subsp. Burkittii, is now considered a separate species: Acacia burkittii, or the ‘Fine-leaf Wattle’.

Commonly known as the ‘Raspberry Jam’, or simply ‘Jam’ wattle (referring to the strong scent of its freshly-cut wood), acuminata is also known by the Aboriginal Noongar peoples as ‘Manjart’, ‘Munertor’, ‘Mungaitch’ and ‘Mungat’. The tree’s attractive, dense and durable wood is often used to make items including sheave blocks, fence posts and crafts, and is commonly used as a host in Sandalwood plantations too.

Possessing a high tolerance to frost and a moderate tolerance to salt, Acacia acuminata is quite drought-hardy, although does require a minimum of 250 millimetres per year average rainfall.

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5 reviews for Acacia acuminata ‘Narrow Phyllodes’ | ‘Inland Jam Wattle’ | Seeds

  1. John H.

    Great quality. Got 2 out of 15 coming up already after just 4 days of planting.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful seeds in perfect condition. Looking forward to see them grow!
    Now already, 8 days after a 24h soak, the first one of these is starting to rise above soil.

    • Arkham’s

      Well done, these trees are truly magnificent!

  3. Jesse

    Seeds were well packaged, clearly labeled, shipped incredibly fast. Correctly identified, and sprouted in a few days. Awesome!

    • Arkham’s

      Great stuff Jesse – you’ve reminded us to actually get around to sowing some more of these ourselves, so thank you!

  4. Carl

    Outstanding product, fast delivery!

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Outstanding customers inspire us!

  5. Shermy

    Pleased with germination for all the Acacia I orderd from you, took a few weeks but now I have my first seedlings!

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