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Acacia floribunda is an upright spreading tree native to Australia. 25 seeds.

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Acacia floribunda | ‘Catkin Wattle’, ‘Gossamer Wattle’, ‘River Wattle’, ‘Sally Wattle’, ‘Weeping Acacia’, ‘White Sallow Wattle’, ‘White Sally Wattle’ | 25 seeds

Acacia floribunda (syn. Acacia longifolia var. floribunda) is an upright spreading tree of the Fabaceae, native to Australia and naturalised in Indonesia, Mauritius and New Zealand. It’s known variously as the ‘Catkin Wattle’, ‘Gossamer Wattle’, ‘River Wattle’, ‘Sally Wattle’, ‘Weeping Acacia’, ‘White Sallow Wattle’ and ‘White Sally Wattle’.

Forming clusters of beautiful cream-coloured flowers, the species is used in landscaping for decoration and as erosion control, hedge plant, nitrogen-fixer, shade tree and wind-breaker, while its foliage is sometimes used as a livestock fodder.

Floribunda is found growing in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-10 and prefers full sun to partial shade. Natural populations can reach roughly seven metres in height and are widespread in forests and woodlands in sub-tropical and warmer temperate regions, being most commonly found growing in alluvial soils along watercourses, or on slopes in cooler highland areas. Like many of the Acacia species, floribunda grows pointed green phyllodes rather than true leaves, which reach about twenty centimetres long and a centimetre or so wide.

Initially coloured green but turning brown once mature, floribunda‘s elongated seed pods grow up to thirteen centimetres long but only five millimetres wide, producing numerous hard, glossy and oval brown seeds which are spread by animals such as ants and birds. The hard coat of the seed means that they’re best germinated after either soaking them in almost-boiling water (for around twelve hours) or else by light sanding.

The species is sometimes confused with other Australian species that possess apparently similar flowers and seed pods, notably Acacia longissima and Acacia maidenii. Needless to say, the seed we offer is 100% correctly identified and was sourced from an expert grower!

All the seed sold by Arkham’s Botanical was freshly and ethically sourced


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2 reviews for Acacia floribunda | ‘Gossamer Wattle’ | Seeds

  1. Shermy

    Pleased with germination for all the Acacia I orderd from you, took a few weeks but now I have my first seedlings!

  2. MM

    Awesome wide selection/variety, fast shipping and quality seeds. Ive only sown a few of a couple acacias(floribunda, confusa), but am very happy germ rates. Will definitely be ordering again.

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