Acacia jibberdingensis | ‘Jibberding Wattle’ | Seeds


A hardy Acacia species, native to Western Australia. 25 seeds.

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Acacia jibberdingensis | ‘Jibberding Wattle’, ‘Willow-leafed Wattle’ | 25 seeds

Acacia jibberdingensis (aka the ‘Jibberding Wattle’ or ‘Willow-leafed Wattle’) is a hardy Acacia species which originates from parts of Western Australia. As with many of the species we offer, this one’s another of our famous UK exclusives!

Growing as a slender, erect shrub or small tree, jibberdingensis averages between one and a half to four metres tall, although specimens as tall as seven metres have sometimes been observed. Width-wise, the species usually tops out at roughly five metres or so, being generally rather dense with narrow, long (fifteen to thirty-two centimetres), green to dark green phyllodes (essentially flattened leaf stalks). Sweetly-scented, bright-golden-yellow cylindrical flowers appear from June to October. Among the Acacia considered close relatives of the ‘Jibberding Wattle’, it’s said to have a particular affinity with the fantastic Acacia acuminata.

Suited to growing in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-10, Acacia jibberdingensis prefers loamy sand habitats close to granite outcrops; for example, in scrub or shrub land. For best results, this species requires seed pre-treatment prior to germination (light scarification or an overnight soak in hot water works best – see our Cultivation section for more information) and should be sown in a well-drained, loamy or sandy soil.

Feel like cultivating something a little more obscure? We suggest sowing some Acacia jibberdingensis seed!

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