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Acacia maidenii | ‘Maiden’s Wattle’ | Seeds


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Acacia maidenii (‘Maiden’s Wattle’) is an attractive ornamental tree native to Australia. Seeds.

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Acacia maidenii | ‘Maiden’s Wattle’ | Seeds

Native to Australia, the attractive ornamental tree Acacia maidenii has also been introduced to Argentina, India, South Africa and other countries. Acacia maidenii trees are often used to ornament streets and parks, for reforestation and – historically – to provide food for indigenous Australians (who sometimes ate the Acacia’s gum exudate).

To increase Acacia maidenii’s germination rate, its seed should be treated first. To allow water to penetrate the seed’s hard coating (and therefore induce germination), it should either be soaked in hot water or else nicked or otherwise mechanically scarified. The best temperature range for maidenii germination is between 21°C and 27 °C.

Possessing extremely fast growth rates (1.5 metres in six months in ideal conditions, 0.5 metres in average ones), Acacia maidenii produces large, dark-green, phyllodes, which reach up to 20 cm long and 1cm to 3 cm wide. Maidenii has a natural lifespan of over thirty years, with mature specimens reaching up to 20 metres in height.

Acacia maidenii thrives in all soil types, except for the perpetually waterlogged. It’s frost tolerant down to -7 °C (about 19 °F), but not drought tolerant.

USDA Zone 9.

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