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A less common Australian species, closely related to Acacia acuminata and Acacia obtusifolia. 25 seeds.

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Acacia oldfieldii | 25 seeds

Notwithstanding that it’s less well-known than many of the other Acacia species we sell, Acacia oldfieldii is an interesting hardy shrub of the family Fabaceae, which is native to parts of Western Australia. This fast-growing species is another of our EU exclusives and we’re not sure whether we’ll be able to re-stock once our current inventory runs out!

Growing to between one and a half and five metres tall as a bushy shrub or tree, oldfieldii forms phyllodes in place of true leaves. These striking, straight-ish to slightly-curved phyllodes are hairless (as too are oldfieldii‘s branchlets) and approximately seven to seventeen centimetres long by three to five millimetres wide. Beautiful, loosely-clustered, citron-golden-yellow blooms typically appear between June to September, individually averaging roughly three centimetres long by five millimetres across. Distinctive, linear seedpods follow, around ten centimetres in length by a few millimetres wide.

Acacia oldfieldii occurs naturally in clay, loam and sandy soils and on gravel, ironstone, limestone and sandstone. It’s common to coastal areas of its natural range, as well as dense sand plain scrub or shrub land (where it often cohabits with various Calothamnus and Melaleuca species).

Provided suitable seed pre-treatment is observed (either gentle scarification or an overnight soak in hot water will suffice), it’s quite easy to get oldfieldii growing from seed in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11. Essentially, lightly tap the treated seeds roughly five millimetres into a well-drained soil mix, maintaining moisture levels until successful germination takes place. As the seedling matures, gradually introduce it to a full sun position.

While there doesn’t seem to be much published research on cultivating this species (at least, at the time of writing), it should respond well to established techniques for growing closely-related species, which include Acacia acuminata, Acacia drepanophylla, Acacia maidenii, Acacia obtusifolia and Acacia phlebophylla.

Fancy trying growing something a little out of the norm? Try this great Acacia oldfieldii seed and perhaps you’ll be able to contribute some knowledge to the collective Acacia experience!

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