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Acacia Seed Bundle One

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Acacia Seed Bundle One

Take advantage of this limited Acacia seed bundle offer and receive three different species for a 10% discount!

Buy now and get these for your garden:
Acacia acuminata var. broad phyllodes (‘Raspberry Jam Wattle’, ‘Manjart, ‘Munertor’, ‘Mungaitch’, ‘Mungat’) – 25 seeds
Acacia confusa (‘Formosa Wattle’, ‘Small Philippine Acacia’, ‘Formosan Koa’, ‘Acacia Petit Feuille’, ‘Taiwan Acacia’) – 20 seeds
Acacia maidenii (‘Maiden’s Wattle’) – 20 seeds

All the seed sold by Arkham’s Botanical was freshly and ethically sourced



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