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Wildcrafted in Bolivia in summer 2018. Seeds.

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Anadenanthera peregrina | ‘Angico’, ‘Cohoba’, ‘Yopo’ | Seeds

A member of the Fabaceae family, Anadenanthera peregrina is known by a multitude of informal names, including ‘Angico’, ‘Calcium Tree’, ‘Cebil’, ‘Cohoba’, ‘Cohona’, ‘Hakudufha’, ‘Huilca’, ‘Huilco’, ‘Jopo’, ‘Kahobba’, ‘Niopo’, ‘Parica’, ‘Vilca’, ‘Yopa’, ‘Yopo’ and ‘Yupa’. It’s also synonymous with the obsolete Acacia angustiloba, Acacia microphylla, Acacia niopo and Acacia peregrina. Wildcrafted in Bolivia in the summer of 2018, this is another of our UK exclusives!

We obviously can’t guarantee anything, but this seed was viable as of summer 2019, as can be seen by the limited number of rooted plants we have in stock which were grown from it!

Anadenanthera peregrina is a perennial shrub or tree native to large parts of the Caribbean and South America. Ordinarily growing to approximately twenty metres tall in the wild once mature, its woody parts are covered with a rough bark, while its spherical flowers range from white to a delicate pale yellow. There are two varieties comprising the species; Anadenanthera peregrina var. falcata and Anadenanthera peregrina var. peregrina.

Botanically, peregrina is extremely similar to the closely related Anadenanthera colubrina (‘Cebil’), and the seeds of both species have been used for thousands of years by several indigenous peoples in shamanic ritual practice. The durable wood harvested from the species is used in the manufacture of furniture and for its high tannin levels too.

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