Bursera graveolens | ‘Palo Santo’ | Dried wood incense


‘Palo Santo’, sustainable harvested from a fair-trade farm in Ecuador. 10g dried wood.

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Bursera graveolens | ‘Palo Santo’ | Dried wood incense | 10g

This listing is for sustainably and ethically harvested Ecuadorian Bursera graveolens, popularly known as ‘Palo Santo’. Also known as ‘Heiliges Holz’, ‘Holy Stick’, ‘Holy Wood’, ‘Malka Waki’, ‘Mallka Waki’, ‘Palo de la Vida o Santo’, ‘Sacred Tree’, ‘Sacred Wood’ and ‘Saint Anthony’s Wood’, the species is native to the tropical forests of Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Galápagos Islands, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

Synonymous with Amyris caranifera, Amyris graveolens, Bursera anderssonii, Bursera malacophylla, Bursera pilosa, Bursera tatamaco, Elaphrium graveolens, Elaphrium pilosum, Elaphrium tatamaco, Spondias edmonstonei, Terebinthus graveolens and Terebinthus pilosa, it’s a popular member of the Burseraceae family (and hence related to both ‘Frankincense’ and ‘Myrrh’) and is traditionally used as ceremonial incense.

Graveolens is used traditionally as a timber for arts and crafts, as well as to make incense and essential oils (‘Bursera graveolens wood oil’, ‘Palo Santo Oil’ – often used in aromatherapy). The heartwood of this species contains terpenes such as α-terpineol and limonene and is used by indigenous healers to treat ‘bad energy’, ear infection, rheumatism and stomachache and to induce relaxation and sweating. It’s also burned for ritual purification and as a smudge-stick.

Ethically and sustainably harvested in Ecuador | Ships from Spain


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