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Calea zacatechichi is a ‘Dream Herb’ native to Central America. 25 seeds.

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Calea zacatechichi (syn. Calea ternifolia) |’Bitter Gum’, ‘Bitter-grass’, ‘Dream Herb’, ‘Mexican Calea’, ‘Poop Taam Ujts’, ‘Tam Huñi’, ‘Thle-pela-kano’, ‘White Bitter Herb’ | 25 seeds

Native to Central America (notably Mexico), Calea zacatechichi (syn. Calea ternifolia) is a flowering species of the Asteraceae. Widely used both medically and ritually in Mexico, indigenous peoples making use of the species include the Oaxacan Chontal (who call it “Thle-pela-kano” and use it during oneirogenic divination), the Mixe (who call it “Poop Taam Ujts”, or “White Bitter Herb”, using it to treat stomach aches and fevers) and the Zoque Popoluca (who call it “Tam Huñi”, or “Bitter Gum” and use it to treat asthma and diarrhoea).

Whether or not the plant is really capable of improving the retrieval of dreams from one’s memory is still a matter of research, but it’s certainly a fascinating thought!

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