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Heimia salicifolia is a flowering plant from the Americas. 50 seeds.

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Heimia salicifolia | ‘Sinicuichi’, ‘Sun Opener’, ‘Willow-leaf Heimia’, ‘Yellowcrest’ | 50 seeds

Hailing from Central, North and South America, Heimia salicifolia is a flowering species of the Lythraceae family which is especially common to Argentina, Mexico and the USA.

A bushy deciduous shrub that grows to roughly four metres tall and two and a half metres across, salicifolia forms narrow leaves growing to around five centimetres long and blue, purple or yellow flowers approximately two and a half centimetres wide.

Popularly known as ‘Sinicuichi’, ‘Sun Opener’, ‘Willow-leaf Heimia’ and ‘Yellowcrest’, historically salicifolia has been used ritually by indigenous shamans of Central and South America, as part of a fermented “elixir of the sun”.

The species can be easily grow outdoors in a sheltered place enjoying full sun (South or West-facing is ideal) and prefers a neutral, well-drained, sandy or loamy soil.

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