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‘Nexus’ Acacia Seed Mega-bundle | 320 seeds

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A chance to own 14 desirable Australian Acacia species for 25% discount!

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‘Nexus’ Acacia Seed Mega-bundle | 25% discount + 70 bonus seeds

Arkham’s Botanical offers this amazing and exclusive discounted offer; the ‘Nexus’ Acacia Seed Mega-bundle!

We’re kicking off our mega-bundles with this incredible chance to own fourteen (yes fourteen!) fabulous Acacia species, professionally-harvested in 2018 in Australia by our trusted specialist growers. The bundle contains 25 seeds of each of the Acacia species listed below – at a seriously healthy 25% discount from their normal cost! We’re so nice that we’ll throw in an extra 5 free seeds per species too!

“Nexus” means “a connected series or group”; we’ve named the bundle after the term as it comprises an enviable selection from this often-overlooked genus, including not only some more obvious firm favourites but also some less commonly-available – but equally-deserving – species.

This one’s for the real hardcore Wattle enthusiasts, supplying you with some fantastic, healthy genetics for your Acacia garden! Due to the rather generous discount we’re giving (if we do say so ourselves), this offer is limited to a run of ten orders only – one per customer.

Order now and you’ll receive a 25% discount plus 250 320 Acacia seeds:

The Australian members of the Acacia number many beautiful commercially or horticulturally-useful species, many of which are sorely in need of further research in order to increase the body of knowledge available to the amateur or professional cultivator.

Want to know how to grow Acacia seed? Best start by ordering an ultra-limited ‘Nexus’ Acacia Seed Mega-bundle while you still can! Once you’ve got those in hand, these Acacia species are nice and simple to grow from seed – start by germination pre-treating following our beginner’s guide.

All the seed sold by Arkham’s Botanical was freshly and ethically sourced


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