Ocotea quixos | ‘Ispinku’ | Dried leaves


Spicy and warming, the ‘Ecuadorian Cinnamon’! 5g dried leaves.

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Ocotea quixos | ‘Ecuadorian Cinnamon’, ‘Ispinku’ | Dried leaves | 5g

Commonly known as ‘American Cinnamon’, ‘Ecuadorian Cinnamon’, ‘Eshpingo’, ‘Flor de Canela’, ‘Ishpingo’ and ‘Ispinku’, Ocotea quixos is an evergreen tree which is native to Colombia and Ecuador. Part of the Lauraceae (‘Laurel’) family, this species possesses a gorgeous aroma, reminiscent of cinnamon (which actually comes from a member of the same family), causing it to be used as a spice by the Quechua peoples.

In fact, there are several reports of quixos being used as a flavouring in South America since the times of the Inca, while Ecuadorians of the present time still use it as an ingredient in their everyday and ritual cooking. An example of this is its use in both foods and beverages intended as ancestral offerings.

Furthermore, quixos oils have been used by some tribes as an anti-inflammatory (a practice apparently supported by peer-reviewed scientific research). It’s also been demonstrated that the oils of this species can help to reduce the chance of blood clot formation by preventing platelet aggregation. And it makes a rather tasty, warming cup of tea!

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