Salvia divinorum | ‘Diviner’s Sage’ | Rooted cutting

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This product sells out fast but is re-stocked every few months! Salvia divinorum is a difficult to obtain plant from Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Salvia divinorum | ‘Diviner’s Sage’, ‘Pipiltzintzintli’, ‘Ska Maria Pastora’ | Rooted cutting

Arkham’s Botanical offers well-established, healthy and beautiful Salvia divinorum rooted cuttings, organically grown in the UK and Spain. Join the waiting list if there are currently no cuttings available – this hard-to-find plant usually sells out immediately, but is currently re-stocked every few months from our UK grow! We think this just might be another EU exclusive

Apologies if you’ve been waiting a while – she’s a fickle one! – currently, we’re selling extremely limited numbers of these Salvia divinorum cuttings via email pre-order each month – we recommend joining our mailing list to be the first to know – even if you’re already on the waiting list! Apologies for the complicated procedure, your patience will be rewarded…

Salvia divinorum is a rare and desirable ornamental cultigen (or hybrid – botanists are currently still undecided) originating from the Sierra Madre Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico, where it is cultivated by the Mazatec Indians for use in indigenous medicine. There are two distinct strains of Salvia divinorum which are most commonly grown by collectors.

The first, collected by ecologist and psychologist Sterling Bunnell in 1962, is correctly titled for its discoverer (as the ‘Bunnell’ strain), but is perhaps more commonly known by growers as the ‘Wasson-Hofmann’ or ‘Hofmann’ strain (in reference to researchers Robert Gordon Wasson and Albert Hofmann). The second type – known as the ‘Blosser or ‘Palatable strain – was discovered in 1991 by anthropologist Bret Blosser, in Huautla de Jiménez, Mexico. Other Salvia divinorum strains are reported to exist, although published information on these is scarce. They include ‘Appaloosa’, ‘Luna’ (possibly ‘Bunnell’; “isolated from a Hawaiian patch of Salvia divinorum clones, featuring unusually serrated and rounded rather than ovate leaves”) and ‘Paradox’.

Unlike those of many other popular Salvia species grown for their wonderfully vibrant flowers and striking foliage, Salvia divinorum seeds have a very low germination rate. Consequently, most people prefer to grow this amazing species from cuttings. When you receive your cutting, plant it in soil in a pot, lightly water and then create a humidity chamber by securing a clear plastic bag over the pot. Place the plant in a warm (~20° C), light place – strong direct sunlight is not recommended at this point, however. Remove the bag to avoid stagnant air and to mist as necessary every three or four days until the plant is mature enough to harden off to your local climate.

Don’t be alarmed if you receive a cutting with only one or two pairs of tip-growth leaves, as it’s often necessary for us to prune the lower leaves so that it can put all of its energy into establishing itself as a Salvia plant in its own right. It also helps to minimise stress and damage to the plant during the shipping process. Once you’ve got the cutting in soil it will soon start to grow more of its large and beautiful leaves!

Organically grown in the UK – Please allow one week from ordering for us to ship this item

We regret that we cannot sell this product to customers in Armenia, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland

We regret that we cannot sell live plants to customers outside of the European Union

This is due to international regulations. We recommend always checking your local laws before ordering.

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10 reviews for Salvia divinorum | ‘Diviner’s Sage’ | Rooted cutting

  1. Ingrid

    Glad and honoured to take the time to say what a professional job and also compassionate towards the plants: they all arrived in perfect shape, packed as they were with so much care. Just a few days later they are happily growing and sprouting all over. It is just great to work with people with such a deep knowledge about what they are doing. Will always come back for a new cutting or an expert advice. Thank you very much!

    • Arkham’s

      Thanks Ingrid, that’s really kind of you to take the time to share your experience and we’re glad to have such appreciative customers! I hope your plants (and garden in general!) continue to flourish and reward you for many years to come… All the best 🙂

  2. Doru

    It is great to deal with people passionate about what they do. It adds knowledge and experience.

    • Arkham’s

      🙂 Thanks Doru!

  3. Jacob V.

    Well packaged, as described, perfect.

    • Arkham’s

      Great stuff – enjoy your plant Jacob!

  4. Anonymous

    great customer service as ever, great delivery and greate products!

    • Arkham’s

      Thanks for your great review and repeat custom!

  5. Anonymous

    Extremely well packed, as expected thanks!

    • Arkham’s

      Thanks for the feedback & enjoy the plant!

  6. David

    An absolutely beautiful cutting with well established roots. Thank you so much. For years I’ve wanted a Salvia. And a bonus pack of seeds. Awesome

    • Arkham’s

      Hi David,

      🙂 Great to hear you’re happy with your new plant! Thanks again for your custom!

  7. Shane Ball

    The plant wasn’t the greatest but i’m sure it will pick up with some tlc

  8. Anonymous

    loved the plant

  9. Jenna

    Seriously, I could not be more satisfied with my purchase! Courier delivered a generous-size healthy cutting this morning, in safe packaging and (nice touch) accompanied with complimentary san pedro seeds. Very pleased! Looking forward to your other type of cutting sbeing available soon.

    • Arkham’s

      Thanks for letting us know Jenna, we’re pleased you’re pleased!

      We expect our ‘Bunnell’ clone of this species to be available again soon, so keep checking the site (and perhaps join the mailing list) if you want to avoid missing out…

      Enjoy your new plant!

  10. Benn

    OMG so happy I found you Arkham’s!!!
    Been searching to add this plant to my collection for a whole year so now majorly chuffed.
    1 question. Do you know which of the salvia strains this is? wish I was lucky enough to grow all of them!!
    Ill definitely be back for more when you have some :^) Benn

    • Arkham’s Botanical

      Thanks for your feedback Benn – glad to be of service!

      The divinorum in question came unnamed from a friendly grower a while ago, so we’re unfortunately not sure of the exact strain. Several friends growing cuttings we gave them think it could be ‘Blosser’ from the size and shape of the leaves (as apparently did a few growers who were shown photos), but we’ve listed it without a strain, as we can’t be 100% certain.

      Good luck with your plant anyway – for future reference (once she’s ready), we’ve a short guide to rooting Salvia cuttings and shall likely be posting more related guides and information as we have time.

      Hope to see you here again!

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