Salvia lavandulifolia | ‘Spanish Sage’ | Dried plant


Another great soap-making ingredient graces our store! Dried plant.

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Salvia lavandulifolia (syn. Salvia lavandulaefolia) | ‘Spanish Sage’ | Dried plant

Salvia lavandulifolia is a small but perfectly-formed Salvia species which is native to southern France and Spain. This listing is for dried plant material of this great species, which is popularly used when creating fragrances for homemade soaps.

Commonly known as the ‘Spanish Sage’, lavandulifolia is a reclining herbaceous perennial of the Lamiaceae which grows approximately thirty to forty-five centimetres tall by the same across. Its lush foliage is typically rather glossy, featuring groups of narrow, oval-ish tapering leaves – whitish to grey in colour – which grow to a maximum size of around five centimetres long. Wonderfully sweet-smelling, blue-lavender-violet flowers (roughly one to one-and-a-half centimetres in length), appear for a month or so in late spring to early summer.

Should the plant’s leaves be rubbed, a fragrant essential oil (similar to rosemary in aroma) is released. It’s this oil that first brought lavandulifolia it to the soap makers’ notice. Fascinatingly, a 2003 study “indicated that Salvia lavandulifolia improves word recall in healthy young adults”!

The ‘Spanish Sage’ is quite easy for anybody to grow from seed in USDA Hardiness Zone 6-11. It can be propagated from seed or via rootball division and will grow in mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil. Space young plants a minimum of forty-five centimetres apart in full sun, to allow them enough room to reach their full potential.

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