Sida rhombifolia | ‘Arrowleaf Sida’ | Seeds


An attractive shrub from the Americas. 25 seeds.

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Sida rhombifolia | ‘Arrowleaf Sida’ | 25 seeds

Sida rhombifolia (syn. Malva rhombifolia, Sida retusa) is a (mostly) perennial plant of the Malvaceae family, which is believed to originate from the warmer parts of the Americas. It’s now naturalised to many other parts of the world, including American Samoa, Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, the Galápagos Islands, Guam, Hawaii, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue Palau and the Solomon Islands.

A magnificent plant indeed, rhombifolia grows to a maximum of approximately two metres tall (although rarely reaches the upper limit of that range), forming a semi-woody shrub with slender, erect stems, green to brown and many branched. Beautiful dark green leaves, oval to diamond-shaped (“rhomboid”), have irregularly serrated margins and reach up to eight centimetres in length by roughly four centimetres wide. Gorgeously delicate, cream-orange-yellow flowers bloom throughout the year dependent on location, but always prove irresistible to bees, birds and butterflies!

The species is popularly used for its fibre (used to make brooms, cord and sacking) and medicinally (to treat conditions such as asthma, boils, diarrhoea, fatigue, gonorrhoea, haemorrhoids, headache, rheumatism and swelling). Rhombifolia is especially prized by Ayurvedic practitioners, who know it as ‘Kurunthotti’.

This popularity means we can easily fill this whole paragraph with informal names for the Sida rhombifolia: ‘Arrowleaf Sida’, ‘Athiballached’, ‘Atibala’, ‘Bala’, ‘Big Jack’, ‘Bloom Weed’, ‘Broom Weed’, ‘Broomstick’, ‘Coffee Bush’, ‘Common Sida’, ‘Country Mallow’, ‘Cuban Jute’, ‘Flaxweed’, ‘Indian Hemp’, ‘Jelly Leaf’, ‘Kehetara-ubal-dana’, ‘Khangi’, ‘Kheriti’, ‘Kisangihettutti-gida’, ‘Kotikanbevila’, ‘Kulbahebari’, ‘Kurunthotti’, ‘Lalbariela’, ‘Mahabala’, ‘Mayir Manikkam’, ‘Mutheera Pulagam’, ‘Paddy’s Lucerne’, ‘Pretoria Sida’, ‘Queensland Hemp’, ‘Rhomboid Ilima’, ‘Sadeva’, ‘Sap-devi’, ‘Shamblidebari’, ‘Shrub Sida’, ‘Sirramutti’, ‘Svetberela’, ‘Teaweed’, ‘Tupkadi’, ‘Vadha’, ‘Velluram’, ‘Wire Weed’ and ‘Yellow Barleria’.

The ’Arrowleaf Sida’ occurs naturally in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-10, where it prefers habitats such as gardens, grassland, open woodland, pasture, roadsides and wasteland. It’s quite an easy plant to grow from seed (or cuttings), but always bear in mind it can very quickly become a firmly entrenched invasive species if it’s allowed to escape containers! Some parts of the plant can also be toxic to humans and mammals. Treat as you would Sida cordifolia. Sow in very acidic to alkaline soil and situate in full sun to partial shade – allowing at least a square metre and a half for the plants to reach their mature size.

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